• Fridge Bags

    Litter free living will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresher for longer. The fridge bags are great for keeping vegetables or fruit fresh after they have been cut. Rather than wrap in plastic wrap or put in a plastic zip lock bag put you half used tomato into the red fridge bag. The bags come in 5 different colours so you know that the green bag is keeping your avocado fresh. After using wash in the washing machine and reuse. The innovative, cheese bag has been designed to hold a kilo block of cheese as well as keeping it fresh without the need for any extra plastic wrap apart from the packaging it comes in. The fridge bags are made from a highly water-resistant material which is non-toxic, phthalate free, BPA free and PVC free.
    Cheese bag 20x23cm and will hold a kilo block of cheese, fridge bags 16x20cm.

    The leaf bags are made from 100% hemp which are biodegradable and compostable making them the healthiest choice for storing your fresh produce.  The bags are completely free of synthetic dyes, bleaches or softeners.  The fabric maximizes airflow and moisture and stops drying out allowing produce to stay fresher for longer.